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Online Marketing Tips 2013 – SEO & Content Marketing In 2013

As we continue to monitor the changes in the SEO and Content Marketing landscape, we will always find the best way to share our knowledge with out followers. In 2013 and beyond our clients will always have services that have a lasting effect on their digital presence. If you have sat in on a Google Hangout our been part of one of our meet ups, you will know we always speak to User Experience and Content Marketing. Below is a quote from an author who is new to us.

 In 2013, success in SEO hinges on businesses putting together a robust combination strategy that brings together an integrated web of great content, credible links, and social signals. Each of these pieces supports the other, providing tremendous value to readers, building your authority and brand value, and distributing your content across new channels.  – Jayson Demers

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How do our Internet Marketing services fit the model touched on by Jayson?

Let’s keep it simple: Who are you trying to reach? How do you want to reach them? What are the available owned media that you have that we can use to reach your target? Organize your list and we can show you how to leverage your assets to reach your ideal group.



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