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The Value of an eCommerce Consultant

Many companies can not afford an eCommerce Manager, however they need an eCommerce Manager to plan website development and eCommerce projects, so many entrepreneurs try to do it all by themselves. Adept fills the void by providing a eCommerce consultant who is skilled in all areas of successful website development and online marketing.

What is Website Development?

Website development includes the planning of the development and design phase with an eye on creating a website which is optimized ( loved by Google) and bug free in a cost effective way which will leave your marketing budget untouched. When you hire an agency to complete the work for you, the agency approaches the project from an agency perspective, which is “make as much money as possible.” from the client and make sure we find a way to make the stick around. Where as the Adept  consultant looks at the project from the point of view as one of your employees. What that means is the eCommerce consultant wil be seeking out strategies that are the most cost effective and make the  most sense for you.

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