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Yes the number of inbound links is sort of a popularity contest. It let’s search engines know who you may be hanging out with and or who may give you a vote of confidence. In the past many SEO professionals would use tactics that would quickly increase the number of inbound links / linking root domains is order to trick the search engines. Those days are over and this is a good thing. Now it’s time to create original and compelling content that other people / websites want to use when curating content for their own website. Here I am going to list 6 link building strategies to avoid.

Inbound Links To Avoid

  1. Paid Links
  2. Article Directory Links
  3. Link Exchanges / (a.k.a. reciprocal link schemes)
  4. Low-quality Press Releases
  5. Low-Quality Directory Links and Bad Neighborhoods in General
  6. Link Pyramids, Wheels, and Other Artificial Link Building Schemes




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