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What Is The Benefit Of Internet Marketing?

First, what are your strategic goals for your website? Who are you trying to reach? Where are you trying to reach them? What do you want them to do once they learn about your company?  If we want to speak more formally: Who is your target demographic and what actions do you want them to take? I am sure you know the answer or you would not be operating a business with services and products. Your goal is to take your answer to this question and broadcast it across the web., right? There are many ways to do this and many people start with runnings PPC campaigns, creating a press release, starting a social media marketing campaign to “get the word out.” What else can you do? First you need to understand how internet marketing is different than traditional marketing. You also need to understand that one benefit of internet marketing is that you control your online story.

Internet marketing is reputation management. Your story

If someone learns about your company online via an ad or a social network update or post, they will then copy and paste your company name in the nearest browser in order to learn more about your company. Go ahead and type  your company name in the nearest browser. What do you see? We hope your website is the first result. We hope your services and about us page are in the top 3 of results. Do the following show up in the first page of results:

  • Company Wiki page
  • Official LinkedIn Page
  • Official Facebook Page
  • Official industry related directory page
  • Official Company blog

How does your online presence represent your brand or products?

Go ahead and grade yourself. Let us know if you need any help telling your story online.



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